LOVE ETHIC - The Ancient Principle of Brotherly Love, front cover.


LOVE ETHIC - The Ancient Principle of Brotherly Love, back cover


The Ancient Principle of Brotherly Love

A book by Vincent Frank De Benedetto

. . . . .

"Whether the lies of the employee stealing pencils from the company supply locker, the brutal atrocities of the terror group ISIS, or any act of human transgression in between, determining and understanding the nature of, and causation for, human transgression actually remains simple. In fact, there is just one reason that so many people on this planet transgress in so many ways, past, present, and future, that is, fail to love, and this reason is readily stated in one sentence."

LOVE ETHIC is going to give you this sentence--on page one.

. . . . .

Moreover, pertaining to end-of-life drawing near, LOVE ETHIC is going to give you the real reason that people don't want to die, as this reason is squarely driven by the overwhelming absence of Love in the world.

NOTE, November 2019:  My book title has changed from LOVE ETHIC to LOVE, and the home page is, containing a highly-abridged free version of volume 1 of what will be my 3-part Agape Trilogy. The site at which you presently reside is now page two of the main site.

The change in book title is because LOVE ETHIC focuses on the ethic of love, that is, a standard for thought and behavior based on the principle of Love, while the latter provides more power and clarity by referring to the principle, itself:  Love.

The principle, itself, is the largest, or parent, conceptual building block, defining and informing the ethic, and all the loving behaviors falling under the rubric of, and implied by, Love, that would characterize a loving society.

These behaviors include empathy, compassion, cooperation, mercy, respect, tolerance, patience, solicitude, forgiveness, and sacrifice.

The full book title at present is:






What is Love, exactly?

Is it the same as "brotherly" Love?

And what is the Love ethic? I've heard of that.

Chris Bailey in Texas has had a lot of press lately with the idea "Everybody Love Everybody." Where does that fit in? What does it really mean? How do we do it, exactly? Can it be done? Is it realistic? Should we love Osama Bin Laden? The members of ISIS? Adolph Hitler? Chris is well-intentioned, but does he have these answers?

Will this idea last beyond this week's news headlines?

I emailed Chris over Summer 2016 to compliment him on this notion (that I had even prior to Chris' publicity), but also to attempt to communicate to him the reality that without structural change in the economy, "everybody" would not, and indeed could not, "love everybody." I never received a response.

LOVE ETHIC, front and back covers shown above, a new book by philosopher Vincent Frank De Benedetto, this writer, founder of BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, THE AGAPE ORDER, and the politico-musical project MESSAGE OF HOPE, contains these answers--and much more. LOVE ETHIC contains the wisdom of the ages + 1. That wisdom writ large, and writ modern. Writ today. Writ for you--yes, YOU. Writ, I believe, as only I could write it. I've been thinking and writing about, and indeed living, Love, Brotherly Love, for almost my entire adult life. The travails that I have, and continue to, experience in my life certainly lend themselves to such reflection. My new book LOVE ETHIC is a long time coming, and the first Introductory edition is finally here.

The title alone, LOVE ETHIC, contains the wisdom of the ages. If you read no further, you will know the path, the only path, Humanity must follow to save itself, religious considerations aside as this book does not contradict them, and they are discussed, below. The title alone, LOVE ETHIC, contains the principle, the blueprint, and indeed the only blueprint, that will free Humanity. Free it from its own stupidity, incompetence, ego, aggression, anger, violence, and continuing flirtation with extinction.

Finally--a way to actually change the world. You'll discover this if you take this work seriously.

LOVE ETHIC aspires to be a masterwork in Love:  part rules and principals of theory, part how-to book in providing a comprehensive set of techniques for practicing love, as well as Love-based assertiveness techniques, part comprehensive reference work on Love, past and present--and part battle manual given the overwhelmingly nonloving character of the world, as its stands.

Blueprint for Humankind

LOVE ETHIC is actually Volume I of a three-volume print set, and 1/6 of my entire six-part project. This project, with the print set arguably the leading and most important component, comprises the new, complete, and concluding Blueprint for Humankind. Even given the continuing pain, large and small, that we humans continually cause each other, and ourselves, in myriad ways, with LOVE ETHIC now available we can and should begin to recognize the dim and distant form of our answer, and accordingly our state-of-mind should increasingly improve. And as reality, itself, improves, initially from the peripheral benefits realized, then later from the wholesale benefits as we fully transition to a loving society, the Brotherhood of Man, Humankind will find itself with decreasing need, and then no need at all, for substances and activities routinely used to buffer or even block reality. From narcotics, routinely and readily identified as injurious, to meditation, routinely and readily identified as salutary, but which, insofar as utilized to block, buffer, or mediate reality, is actually not salutary, but injurious, as well.

All such expressions of, and responses to, human pain will go the way of the dinosaur.

Do I speak, then, of Utopia?


But presuming the official, formal, and putative establishment of the Brotherhood of Man, I do speak of near-Utopia, or at minimum a trajectory toward Utopia that is, finally, completely plausible and realistic because it is free from the many crippling constraints and restrictions present under our existing global system of profit and ego, while newly and now containing seminal elements heretofore missing from the human societies that characterized every previous historical epoch. The principal such element, of course, being Brotherly Love--precisely the subject and theme of LOVE ETHIC.

Classification terminology for our new society or mode of social organization include Newtopia, NewTopia, near-Utopia, nearUtopia, Utopia v2.0, and Nutopia (new topia'). Add your own!

Have a Seat

If your present conception of Love is that of a passive, turn-the-other-cheek, self-denying or subordinating, wishy-washy philosophy and practice, you'd better sit down before reading LOVE ETHIC. This book most decidedly does not advocate such a conception of Love. It is precisely this wrong-headed, counterproductive, nonscientific understanding of Love that is largely responsible for its subordinate status and general social relegation.

Relatedly, of those few persons who write about or otherwise advocate Love, many use flowery language that seems profound or sublime, but in many cases describes notions that are less important or relevant than they appear. Critical examination of language and ideas is paramount because some language constructions can imply ideas or notions that are profound, cohesive, coherent, or some combination, when they are not. Think of a musical instrument, say, a guitar. Someone with a minimal level, or certain kind, of musical skill, can play appealing notes, chords, or even short progressions on the guitar. But that doesn't mean that they can compose and play an entire song.

The realm of ideas is no different.

The fact is, Love, Brotherly Love, Agape in Greek (ugg ah' pay), properly understood and implemented, is the most powerful social force available to Humankind, and is framed properly and accordingly in LOVE ETHIC. It is the most important book you'll ever read. If you live the book, its virtues multiply. If we all live the book...Jackpot. Humanity reaches its existential zenith, and every human problem is solved, or realistically and permanently trajected to be.


Please note that Mr. De Benedetto conceived and published the slogan "Everybody Love Everybody" at his then page several months, at least, before Mr. Bailey's campaign using the identical slogan. From Mr. De Benedetto's GoFundMe appeal published online:

Everybody Love Everybody

"Everybody Loving Everybody"

This Site

The first iteration of this site,, went live on September 02, 2016 at 9:36 am or so. The site featured the first polished iteration of this content. The second and final iteration of this site,, went live on September 19, 2016.

This entire website was created and, regardless of apparent case, wholly written by Vincent Frank De Benedetto.

The Question

In fact, you might wonder why there seems to be so much bad in the world right now. It seems like every other day it's another horrific incident of terrorist violence by ISIS or another group; or sometimes shootings unrelated to terrorism; or it's more policing-related violence or even killing; or another teen suicide, a young person driven to the precipice by bullies or taunting classmates; or it's a gang rape such as occurred in India about two years ago on a bus; or another child abduction; or more bad news about the continuing lack of jobs or low pay; or the problem of human trafficking and slavery; or it's more bad news about the continuing damage to the Earth and its climate because of climate change; or the accepted and ubiquitous killing of emerging humans in the womb, euphemistically called "abortion"; or the global water crisis; or streams of refugees from Syria or other war-torn lands that have nowhere to go; or the global epidemic of diabetes and obesity; or the problem of crime, with offenders and victims alike suffering and in pain.

Or, continuing, its our loss of the basic practice of courtesy and a concomitant coarsening of society; or our difficulty in environmental remediation and psycho-emotional redress of one industrial catastrophe such as the BP Gulf Oil Spill, before yet another one occurs, such as the Fukashima nuclear disaster in Japan; or the sleeper problem of noise, a powerfully irritating and indeed uniquely destructive form of pollution that is killing quality-of-life for large populations the world over, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in most cases and legislative or other bodies of governance sound asleep at the switch--likely the only persons that are sleeping soundly given the global epidemic of noise; or the fact of our status as guinea pigs in any number of profit-driven corporate experiments with new technologies whose safety is unproven, such as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and nanotechnology; and finally in terms of this casual list, the latest news:  the powerful antibiotics Humankind has depended on to cure the most virulent strains of bacteria--no longer work.

If climate change doesn't wipe us out, then, which many scientists indicate could happen, Humankind may find itself wiped out by an organism one-billionth its size. Such is the world that we have fashioned for ourselves; comprehensible given our inferior conceptual tools of capitalism and egoism, symbionts.

There are these many problems, and more, each being difficult to solve under our present socio-economic framework. In regard to it all, especially the seemingly weekly terrorist violence by ISIS and other groups that has recently struck Paris, Brussells, San Bernadino, Boston, and many other cities, regions, and countries including, of course, New York City in September 2001, "Why are all these bad things happening in the world right now" certainly seems like a reasonable question to ask. The right question. However--it's not. In fact, it's exactly the wrong question. The new book LOVE ETHIC by philosopher Vincent Frank De Benedetto will inform you, right on page one, of the question that we should be asking. A question that is apparently counterintuitive to most people, or simply does not occur to them, but the question, and likely the only question, that will lead us to solutions.

Even persons persuaded of the power of, and necessity for, love, are generally stymied at the prospect of its practice. How does one practice love? In her 2010 statement from the PBS documentary The Buddha, entitled "Toward a Worldwide Culture of Love," writer and activist Bell Hooks remarks:

"Lots of people listen and affirm the words of visionary teachers who speak on the necessity of love. Yet they feel in their everyday lives that they simply do not know how to link theory and practice."

LOVE ETHIC is that link, or certainly a substantive part of it. From terrorism, climate change, mental illness, and financial difficulty, to teen suicide, drug abuse, breakdown of the family, and egotistical neighbors, LOVE ETHIC provides the most powerful insight and guidelines for action available, balancing your interests with those of other people--which is what the practice of Love is.

Erich Fromm

Dr. Erich Fromm (b. 1900, d.1980)

Which two crucial social elements did Dr. Fromm incorporate into his analysis of Love,
that most other thinkers did not?

LOVE ETHIC provides the information.

The Answer

What is the answer to essentially every human problem? Properly understood and implemented: Love.

Indeed did famed social philosopher Erich Fromm write, in 1955, on page 127 of "The Sane Society":

"...solidarity...and love...may assert themselves secondarily as private acts of philanthropy or kindness, but they are not part of the basic structure of our social relations."

Where will you learn this principle, in theory and practice? LOVE ETHIC. Where will you learn the practice of Love in a manner and form that is realistic and effective? Not the wishy-washy, turn-the-other-cheek, unrealistic version of Love you may have learned in grade school, or may encounter in the world today? LOVE ETHIC.

In tapping into the real and genuine power of Brotherly Love, LOVE ETHIC is the real deal. A seminal volume. Primer, instruction manual, reference work, and battle manual. The master guidebook for those seeking a path, indeed, the path. To where? Literally everywhere. Personal growth and development, how to love others and compel them to love and respect you, enhanced social consciousness, and ultimately--global salvation. There is simply no other path for the world. If you're an adult who's lived in this world for a number of years, or an especially smart kid who hasn't, you already know it:  money won't do it, politics won't do it, guns won't do it, religion alone won't do it, retreating into your own head or life won't do it, and technology certainly won't do it, the "latest," or otherwise--though in modern society technology has a technical power that gives it a larger social veneer that is often very misleading. We see, for example, that as an inventor of software, in other words as a technician working in the physical sciences, Bill Gates wasn't solving any intractable human problems. He wasn't even trying. Only when he retired from this position and stepped into the role, with his wife Melinda, of sociologist or social scientist did his work begin to have any effect on the actual large-scale problems of the world. This is because neither technology, specifically, nor the physical sciences, generally, are the answer. They can serve that which is the answer, and in a world of almost 7.5 billion human beings, all of whom must coordinate tightly for the Brotherhood of Man as an actual society to function properly, the physical sciences including tech, will have to. But they, themselves, are not and will never comprise our path, itself.

A last thing that won't do it, does not comprise our salvation, and this, too, can be misleading, is Love improperly implemented, of which there any many expressions and examples through history. In very recent American history, for example, an "Everybody Love Everybody" campaign, as mentioned at the start of this web page, void of a serious socio-economic analysis and corresponding plan, won't do it, nor will any "random act of kindness" or even many random acts of kindness, nor even a plan based on this notion. Why not these two ideas, in particular, as comprising our path? Read the answer and further discussion in LOVE ETHIC.

The larger question is:  Why?

Why will none of the above beliefs or actions save us?

Why, Indeed

Because Man is a social animal and therefore, if we're simply to survive, at worst, or flourish then actualize, at best, we've got to have a realistic and effective general guiding philosophy, a social philosophy, and corresponding plan, based on a fundamental shift in the way we exist--and common sense, and uncommon too, tells us that at this mid-point in the development of civilization we must use resources wisely in our mode of social organization and choice of updated general guiding philosophy. This means recognizing and employing our best-in-breed and best-in-class principals, ideals, and ideas--meaning, without question that this shift must include a full tilt toward Brotherly Love, as this idea and its accompanying practice is the most powerful force available to Humankind. Don't imagine us winning the war while we leave our most fearsome cannon at home, our most powerful battleship in port--especially against the implacable and near-invincible enemy nonlove, a foe with 1000 heads, a million tentacles, a billion offspring, and more on the way.

Revolutionary in its day, and still holding relevant fundamental principals and truths, our present socio-economic paradigm of liberal capitalism has for a long time presented equally fundamental flaws, gaps, and omissions that must be addressed and rectified as, clearly, they are now holding Humanity back, at best, and arranging its destruction, at worst. Though global morality across individuals and nations is arguably on a continuing incremental upswing, conduct your preferred extended examination of the United States constitution and Declaration of Independence, key defining documents for the United States, historically understood as the, or one of the, most advanced nations on Earth, whose conceptual influence has influenced many democracies, and you will find the word love exactly zero times. This indicates that the founding documents, or founding or basic beliefs, for much of the world no longer embody, and are no longer congruent with, what are now the most elevated values for much of that world.

Our foundational documents, in other words, no longer provide a complete foundation.

The inability of the entire Human family to love fully is but the beginning, not the end, of this failure set. The twin poles of socio-economic impotence of the homeless woman living in a cardboard box, and the ISIS butcher throwing homosexuals off of roofs, murder-by-gravity, and decapitating, detonating, or conflagrating persons who offend their laws or their sensibilities are a slightly further squinty peer down the dank and morbid tunnel that is life without the critical guiding principle of real Agape Love.

Without your copy of LOVE ETHIC under your arm, don't peer further--you're not going to like what you see.


I don't know if site visitors conceive or comprehend how radical the author's thesis is, in view of the daily themes that usually and indeed overwhelmingly characterize, and prevail in, the media and the larger public mind. These include science, environment, jobs, money, politics, celebrity, violence, sex, and sports. Amidst this din, as pedestrian as it is widely compelling, arrives an unknown philosopher and writer calling, as a voice in the wilderness, for, of all things:  Brotherly Love?

Further, the long-haired quixotic traveler asserts the categorical centrality of this notion to an economically and morally appropriate paradigm for the actualization of human society, if not a berm against the extinction of its principle species. The mandate on the human race for critical thinking has never been more profound or explicit.

Auspiciously, armed with a satisfactory text on critical thinking, a copy of Strunk & White, and LOVE ETHIC, the human race will likely win the human race.

For those for whom the notion of radical produces a queasy gastronomy, recall that Vincent Frank De Benedetto, while refining Agape and tossing it into the toolkit of Humanity while it wasn't looking, didn't invent its fundamental. Blame Martin King for this, or better yet the Christ or earlier figures. It's all their fault.


There's Likely Some Love Here...


A young man, a grocery worker, helping an elderly woman cross the parking lot.

The problem is, the virtuous act above is likely closer to a so-called "random act of kindness." Love remains basically sporadic and not fully and formally integrated into the entire society.

But Likely not Here...

Love Likely not Present

Men leafblowing a property. The homeowner likely did not ask his neighbors if the noise or dirty air would bother them; some neighbors are probably bothered. Love was thus absent in the actions of the homeowner. Predictably, when Love is absent, pain is present.

It's really a remarkably simple process. One could readily represent it as a mathematical equation.

Or Here...


Workers in a Bangladeshi factory, doing what they're told, at pain of job loss. Which means that love is absent, which means that pain is present. I see no smiles on the faces of these women.

This is how the entire global capitalist economy operates. And since, as both Erich Fromm and Karl Marx point out, people tend to adopt the behavioral coloration or character of their economic system, wittingly or not, they end up treating each other in the same kind of cruel and impersonal manner.

In other words, a hard system creates hard people. It's virtually unavoidable.

Table of Contents

Here is an approximate Table of Contents for LOVE ETHIC. Why "approximate"? Because the book remains under development. In purchasing it now you'll receive its first powerful iteration (i.e version), as well as its first major revision later, free.

This first iteration will contain much of the following content, in chapter or section form, a section being defined as part of a chapter. In any case, if you're interested in the notion and principle of Agape, Brotherly Love, or are open to the development of such interest, rest assured that the following list will get you thinking:


About the Author


Love, properly understood and implemented, is the most powerful force available to Humankind.

However, scientists, especially physicists; Show-Me types the world over; and those who take a generally conservative view of life might be more comfortable with this variation:  "Love, properly understood and implemented, is the most powerful social force available to Humankind." This variant is provisionally acceptable.

Additionally, serious students and exponents of Agape consider, and assert, it as a theory in social science. As a scientific theory, Agape possesses at least one of the attributes desired, and one required, of a sound theorem.

In fact, in analogue to the physical sciences, a substantive segment of the world of Physics, including Dr. Einstein while alive, remains vexed, mystified, and indeed morose in its inability to find the answer, and fashion an appropriate and corresponding theory, to what is viewed as a grand, single remaining overarching scientific and existential question.

In social science, Agape not only answers a corresponding, if not identical, question, and fills the same role when properly understood, but does so organically and elegantly. Part of the power and beauty of Agape is its elegance as a theory.

What, then, is the attribute desired, and the attribute required, of a theorem or hypothesis to establish its plausibility, that Agape possesses? What is the grand remaining critical question in Physics whose answer Agape mirrors? LOVE ETHIC explicates and clarifies these key cosmological (study of the universe) and ontological (study of Being) points, all in service of illustrating and establishing Agape, the Love ethic, as the indispensable socio-existential tool.

The book contains theory, but also practice, whose prescriptions are written more plainly.


Why love each Other?

We're all Brothers & Sisters in one human family.

Eliminates Suffering.

Actualizes Humanity.


  • 1960s, The:

    The peace and love movement in America occurred during this period in her history. But aside from a largely casual public infatuation with these notions, was any actual progress made in academic or other formulation of formal and legitimate theory or practice?

    Did the "Summer of Love" of 1967 actually have anything substantive to do with Love?

  • Addiction:


    Is your conception of hard drug abuse that of filthy, strung out inner-city black (or white) youth living in abandoned, dilapidated slum housing somewhere in the Bowery?

    Well, get with the times because the face of modern hard drug abuse is that of farmers and other just-plain-folks, mostly Caucasian, found dead in out-of-the-way places, or sometimes in their cars, overdosed on cocaine, heroin, or other hard drugs. Such is the prevalence of the misery of the modern world, resolute in its economic institution of profit and its psychological institution of ego, this misery having spread explicitly in manifold ways to every sector of society. Combine this with the modern horror of global terror, much of which is now located here in the United States as the FBI tells us that superterror-group ISIS has cells or sympathizers in every state in the nation, and also combine the widespread drug use, last, with the myriad usual ways that "the system" keeps most of us continuously stressed and miserable, and you have a witches brew of permanent existential breakdown that I assure you will absolutely not be solved with any political, theological, or other conventional creed, whatever prescriptions or proscriptions are recommended.

    This is a global socio-existential crisis like no other that, as stated above, requires a systemic, structural shift in the way we organize ourselves as a society:  economically and behaviorally.

    Fortunately, the precise tool required, Love, resides in our Human toolkit. At the very bottom, admittedly, a bit dry and rusty from disuse, and underneath all the other social and economic tools that we've tried repeatedly through history, and try again repeatedly today in schizophrenic fashion, though they do essentially nothing, since we know of no other effective tool. Indeed, the full depth of our toolbox has not been plumbed, until now.

    However, the most powerful socio-economic tool ever known by, or available to, Humankind rests directly before you.

    Pick it up.

  • Anger and its Expression:

    Planet Earth has an anger problem. Generally:

    People don't know how to avoid making others angry.

    Those angered don't know how to productively express and communicate their anger to the transgressor, or party involved.

    Those approached about a claimed transgression don't know how to respond to the angered with grace and love. Apologies are almost unheard of.

    The result of this tripartite chasm of social ignorance? Can you say Columbine? Virginia Tech? Sandy Hook? And many other expressions, whether causing catastrophic pain or merely garden-variety, of the present ill-fit between nonloving behavior, and the ability of most people to redress its consequences with a competent and satisfying morality.

  • Nonlove, How Bad is the Problem?


  • A for Effort

  • Aikido:

    Aikido is a Japanese Martial art. But what does fighting, or a martial art, have to do with Love?

    Ah, grasshopper, you have so much to learn!

    (Or in the words of Yoda, speaking to Count Dooku, also known as Darth Tyranus:

    "Much to learn, you still have!")

  • Apology, The:

    A key tool in the practice of Agape. As critical as it is grossly underappreciated and underutilized.

  • Assertiveness:

    Modern society is all about injury. We ineptly injure others; others ineptly injure us. And it's as true on the international stage as on the local. No one really knows how to avoid it, and no one really knows how to address it, whether the transgressor or the transgressed. The result is a bumbling social intercourse that serves no one and leads, in cascading fashion, inexorably to further injury. The form that such "further injury" takes is all too often, in the modern day, the stuff of horrific news stories ending with memorial candles and sad notes and condolence cards placed on a metal fence. Or internationally, in bombs, missiles, and gunfire wreaking devastation on the homes, yards, workplaces, markets, vehicles, and roads of ordinary people, and--oh, yes--on the people, themselves. And on the individual and family level, "further injury" often means ruined or compromised personal, marital, family, or work relationships.

    Such patterns, however, are unsurprising given that society is not predicated on the Love Ethic--what else would you expect to happen? Murphy's Law is far more real and widely operating than most people understand. His law becomes irrelevant only when Humankind supplants it with its own. Fortunately, we have such a law--it's called Love, and it's what LOVE ETHIC is all about.

    The reality and problem of assertiveness is one-third of the IAA or IA2 triad. To wit:


    This three-part representation is a section of the Causal Chain of Injury, or CCI. The entire chain is represented in LOVE ETHIC.

    Many people find assertiveness difficult, if not impossible. And no wonder, given that, as briefly noted, above, and fully discussed in LOVE ETHIC, most people haven't a clue about how to receive someone else's assertiveness with grace, Love, and respect, thereby setting the stage for a generalized inhibition among the population in being assertive, even when someone has hurt us.

    LOVE ETHIC contains a complete and detailed set of steps, clearly drawn and explained, to practice not merely assertive, but to do so with Love. An Agape or Love-centered or oriented form of Assertiveness, showing respect for the transgressor while effectively asserting and defending your right to be free from their injury, and more. Thus, both rights and relationships are restored and preserved.

    Effective assertiveness is a loving act--toward yourself. In fact, it's a lifesaver, helping most people to avoid a tumor or aneurysm from severe stress; I write this only half in jest. The work of Neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky makes crystal clear how unremitting stress will injure, and eventually kill, you. LOVE ETHIC explains and explores this problem, and with its intelligent, straightforward, comprehensible, and compassionate treatment, you'll avoid such a fate and maintain good mental health.

    An injury received from a bumbling, hapless, or even malicious human is bad enough. The inability to effectively assert yourself in response means that you're now suffering two injuries--the original, and now the anger, hurt, and impotence at your inability to assert yourself in response to the original injury. Learning assertiveness, effective assertiveness, is thus critical to mental and physical health.

    Conventional counsel on assertiveness suffers two flaws:  1.) it's not love-oriented, and 2.) it's unrealistic, in that it doesn't adequately consider and integrate into its counsel the fact that most people who have made a mistake, even one that injures another, don't want to hear about it--making effective assertiveness difficult. It takes two to Tango, especially in the realm of human conflict.

    LOVE ETHIC is your road map, your unique and powerful sextant to guide you by our brightest stars toward mental and physical health and psychological power and satisfaction, in the face of injury that happens to us, all the time.

  • Attitudes, present, toward Love:

    What does an Internet search on various linguistic representations of Love reveal?

  • Beings, Human, in variable states, and non-Human:




    Pre-born Human Beings:

    What is our onus for Love toward emerging Humans in the womb, from seconds after conception, through each phase of development until birth? Pro-abortion, anti-abortion:  what speaketh Love, our deepest and most powerful social force and principal? The answer may not be what you expect.

    Does your assumption or mental machination of the answer that Love provides make you afraid to read LOVE ETHIC? Then this is precisely why you must read it.

    Deceased Human Beings:

    What is our onus for Love toward Humans who are physically deceased, from seconds after clinical death, through what Resuscitation Science now tells us is the period during which revival or restoration of life can occur, a period during which a source of electrical activity in the brain independent of conventional and conventionally-measurable and measured mechanisms is preliminarily understood to exist, to a bodily condition declared, determined, or defined as comprising death?

    Extra-Terrestrial Beings:

    Should we extend Brotherly Love to non-human beings? Can we? For a given non-human species, what is the nature of, and the nature of the intersection between self-interest, collective identity, orientation of one being to another, and emotional structure and dynamic such that an ethico-behavioral paradigm of Agape employed in, and underpinning, our interaction with them would be relevant? Which is to say, would Love be recognized, and if so, understood as affirmatively-architected, that is, well-intentioned and beneficial?

    While science fiction fans, including those of Star Trek and Star Wars, will find this material of great interest and fascination, it has a larger and more strategic purpose for the Human race:  upon our eventual encounter with intelligent non-Human beings, increasingly likely if our latest understanding of the population mechanics of the Cosmos is accurate, we must a priori formulate a science, including a protocol, for interaction. The question of an optimal general approach, such as Agape, underpinning and perhaps in some measure determining or at least guiding specific interaction points, is key.

    Such approach will comprise a fundamental initial platform for further and continuing relations, at worst, and help to prevent our own destruction, presuming their agency and capacity for martial superiority, at best.

Leo F. Buscaglia

Leo F. Buscaglia, PhD (b. 1924, d.1998)

  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Here's a freebie. No need to purchase LOVE ETHIC for this.

    Short and sweet. The entire planet is slowly developing Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, because of the way we live:  an utterly toxic or otherwise compromised environment, including food, combined with interminable (i.e. never-ending) levels of stress. These conditions are eating away at the human brain (and body) like never before.

    The good news:  I have the solution. Simply read my work, and act accordingly, starting with LOVE ETHIC. Specifically, we must recast global society with the subtraction of profit and ego and the addition of Love in its personal and economic expression, for if we truly love each other we will not create conditions of hazard, and will want nothing for each other but actualization.

    For immediate or short-term protection follow all the health guidelines presented at

    The bad news:  there's no guarantee that I can convey this message to planet Earth, and if I do, there's no guarantee that people will take it seriously, or accept it.

  • Apology Movement

    What is the global Apology movement, and does it have a legitimate or substantive role to play in the larger Agape movement?

  • Biology of Love, The.

  • Brotherhood of Man, The.

  • Bio-Science of Love.

  • Bigotry:

    This is the phenomenon whereby a generalization about a group of people is made based on an interaction with, or other form of direct acquaintance with, a limited sample of that group. This is a grave and continuing problem in the world today, and probably always has been. In the United States, groups understood to be particular targets of bigotry are Muslims and dark-skinned persons such as African-Americans.

  • Brotherhood of Man, John Lennon's narrow conception

  • Cascade, The

  • Capital Punishment

  • Case Study:  Sibling Hell

  • Celebrity Conversion

    Love is the force that some segments of the global population are moving toward, without realizing the theoretically cohesive composition of Love theory, or the favorable long-term implications and prospects in its practice.

    In recent years, for example, political commentator Glenn Beck has begun a kind of conversion toward Love, even studying the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and political strategist Lee Atwater famously issued a number of apologies for cruel or otherwise unsavory remarks and behavior toward political rivals.

  • Clueless

  • Contemplation, Reflection, & Silence

    As economic and other social stresses intensify, people naturally seek contemplative and related practices to cope, notably including meditation and yoga. However, a prerequisite for such activities is silence, which exists only sporadically now, as the commercial sphere, which is extremely noisy, continues its steady global dominance.

    The commercial sphere is noisy in two respects--what are they?

    Silence is also necessary for the effective practice of Love. Why? And how do we practice Love without it?

    LOVE ETHIC wisely and informationally treats these critical questions.

  • Correspondence, Love in

  • Death, Agape Triumph over:

    LOVE ETHIC, not this introductory descriptive site, contains most of my insights and other profound or surprising content. However, for your edification I have sprinkled a few surprises here and there throughout this page. I'll share one with you, now. Consider it a freebie.

    Death and taxes are traditionally, if cynically and resignedly, portrayed and proffered as the two inescapable existential dimensia (i.e. dimensions), realities disliked and eschewed by implication. This is misleading, however, and only partially correct, perhaps far less correct than usually thought:  the real problem for we humans is actually not death.

    It is life.

    When we have really lived, that is, lived fully and with deep satisfaction, genuinely having had every opportunity to be happy, we tend not to experience an inordinate fear of death, when our time arrives. Perhaps no real fear at all. It's when we haven't lived, when we intuitively feel that our time here was not satisfying to us, that it was somehow squandered or wasted, that we become stubborn and fearful about leaving life and try to cling to it. Under such a condition, we feel that we weren't who we should have been and didn't do what we should have done.

    We're loathe to let the vacation end, as we haven't really enjoyed ourselves, yet.

    Most or many of us know this reality in some way or on some level. We sometimes experience it concretely in those we know, or see it represented in art. We've known people, or seen portrayed in movies, the dying individual voicing a relatively peaceful and satisfied response to their own impending death. They speak with apparent relative comfort about it, typically uttering thoughts like: "I've had a good life. If it's my time, I'm ready to go."

    These are not the words of someone afraid to die.

    This is why among its many injuries to Humankind, capitalism is antithetical even to death. More properly, to our experience, the human experience, of death. Capitalism deprives most people of a deeply satisfactory life; in doing so, it deprives them of a deeply satisfactory, which is to say peaceful, death, as well.

    This is among the myriad reasons that Humankind must eliminate the scourge, capitalism.

    So we fear, reject, and avoid thought of death not necessarily or categorically because of any innate or intractable fear of it, we tend to fear and reject death when we've enjoyed insufficient life.

    The Answer

    To improve the experience of our lives, to reach and achieve this deep satisfaction, you might imagine that I'm going to assert something like, "We've simply got to be a little kinder to one another."

    No. Being kinder to one another is a fabulous idea, and to be sure, the ability to live this life of deep satisfaction does depend on a radical improvement in how we see, and treat, each other. I commit such acts of kindness myself, all the time, and when I witness such behavior I'm pleased, as it does make the world a better place--a little. This paradigm, however, is insufficient.

    If the random acts of kindness paradigm doesn't ultimately cut it, what does?

    Frank Perdue, poultry mogul, never tired of reminding us in his commercials that "It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken." I assert that, likewise, it takes a tough man to make a tender world, specifically, to build a world of Love. As that tough man, or perhaps one of them, it's my job to tell you that we're not going to comprehensively and permanently transform our world of 7.5 billion people from nonlove to Love with sporadic (i.e. random) acts of kindness, or anything like them. It will require a formal, competently planned, planet-wide or otherwise large-scale undertaking. The introduction and maintenance of Brotherly Love into society must be planned and systematized, as stated on my book cover.

    Such an undertaking, and only such an undertaking, will transform this world such that each of us could and likely would live that life of deep satisfaction, described above. As much as it can be, this endeavor would finally defang and disarm death, not with youth creams, plastic surgery, or midlife crisis-fueled material consumption, but with the properly conceived and directed power of our own internal human agency, and the symbiotic power of the collective human mind.

    As I assert here and most notably in LOVE ETHIC:  Love is the most powerful force available to Humankind.

    Did you think I was kidding?

    This essay, and this website (c) 2016 Vincent Frank De Benedetto

  • Dead, The

  • Democracy

    Democracy, or rule by the majority, is the global putative and prevailing template for form of political governance. Is this form, however, an optimal carrier of, or at least congruent with, Agape? How do we deconstruct the exercise of Love in a form of government whereby a democratic, and hence revered, vote can yield a result with 49% of a population finding themselves dissatisfied, perhaps substantively so?

    If I love you, I must exercise caution in holding an interest in a particular outcome for my affairs whose opposing outcome is scuttled, leading to varying degrees of pain for numbers of brothers and sisters.

  • Efficiency:  is politico-moral revolution "efficient"?

  • End of Terror, The

  • End of the Socialist Movement, The

  • Error, Transgression, Penalty

  • Evil

  • Relative Failure of the Love Ethic so Far:

    Not defined properly.

  • Forms of Life

  • Freemasonry:

    To its credit, Freemasonry revolves around character development, Love, and the performance of good works in the world. At first blush, its philosophy seems almost identical to that explicated and advocated by LOVE ETHIC.

    However, there are key differences. LOVE ETHIC will present and discuss them.

  • Giving Thanks

  • The Golden Rule vs. the Love Ethic:

    Are they identical? If not, how do they differ? Does it matter?

    And exactly what is the Golden Rule, anyway?

  • Hajj, The

  • Health and Agape:

    Health, Mental

    Health, Physical

  • Honesty

  • Ignore Routine, The (TIR), or Ignore, The Big (TBI):

    In the experience of the author, the "Ignore Routine" is a principal form of nonlove whereby people routinely ignore other people 1.) for whom they feel they no longer have a use, 2.) with whom they simply have little or no desire to interact, or 3.) whom, they feel, are causing them any kind of inconvenience. Such behavior typically takes such forms as not responding to phone calls or email, or not answering the door.

    Such behavior is immature and disrespectful. However, LOVE ETHIC instructs in how to handle the above situations, and many more, in a manner consistent with the practice of Agape.

  • Intelligence vs. Love. Their relationship:

    Is Love the same as, or does it point to or imply, a special kind of intelligence?

    If so, which is it?

  • International Relations:

    Arab-Israeli Conflict:

    Repair the irreparable? Solve the Arab-Israeli conflict? Rest assured that it will never happen without Love, explicitly or implicitly.

  • Irreconcilable Differences

  • Impediments to Love:



  • Limits of Love, The

  • Libertarian Party.

    Can the ideas or principles of the party of rugged individualism pertain to Agape or its practice?

    Yes! LOVE ETHIC will tell you how.

  • Masculinity.

    You macho types, remember:  Real Love takes a Real Man.

  • Microaggression

  • Mindfulness:  What is the relationship of this newly-trendy condition of Being to the practice of Love?

    Are they the same thing? Similar? If different, is one practice more powerful than the other?

    Why has the notion of mindfulness become popular, but not Agape? Or is Agape actually popular, as well?

  • Nash, John:  Agape and his theory of Equilibrium

  • National Security

    How should the behavior of Edward Snowden be negotiated? He disclosed United States national security secrets and in doing so did, or may, have endangered the national security of she and her allies, as well as the lives of U.S. covert intelligence operatives.

    Should he be hung as a traitor? Imprisoned?

    What does Agape have to say?

    There is an approach to national security rooted in Agape, just as there is in every sphere of human existence. Read LOVE ETHIC to learn this critical perspective, and develop not just an informed opinion, but a wise one.

  • Noise.

    From barking dogs, to leafblowers, to jackhammers, to modified motorcycles, enmiserating and wreaking havoc in people's lives. And a chronic stressor to children. The great unacknowledged global epidemic, rooted in both profit, and ego. One of the most insidious, pernicious, and injurious of all expressions of nonlove.

  • One Deconstruction

  • Other Police Force, The

  • Oxytocin (ock sih toe' sn):

    The hormone Oxytocin was much in the news in 2015-2016. Is this substance, with its reputed ability to increase and enhance the ability to love, fair game for use in our practice of the Love ethic?

  • Patriotic Nature of Agape, The

  • Parties, Political, Selected, U.S.:

    Democratic. Seeks a small-to-moderate bit of change in our existing national, and by extension arguably, the global socio-economic paradigm, toward an increased government role to manage the, or a, nation.

    Republican. Seeks a tiny-to-small bit of change in our existing national, and by extension arguably, the global socio-economic paradigm, toward an increased government role to manage the nation.

    Libertarian. Seeks no change whatsoever in our existing global socio-economic paradigm, toward an increased government role to manage the nation, and in fact seeks to eliminate most present functions of government.

    What is the effect on the practice of Love of each political perspective and accompanying political program?

    And what of the political perspective and accompanying political program of other parties and related organizations--is there any group, present or past, whose belief system corresponds in any way to the De Benedetto theory of Agape?

  • Personages




    K'ung Fu-tzu or Kong Qui ("Confucious")


    Brooks, David

    David Brooks, political writer and commentator, is notable for his attempts to bring humanity to our political discourse and other political and social institutions and processes. Some might consider said effort more the remarkable given his party affiliation of Republican.

    On Sunday, October 23, 2016 during an airing of Krista Tippett's On Being radio program on National Public Radio, in discussing the divisions between people and the need for greater Love and related principles, values, and behaviors, Mr. Brooks stated the presumed difficulty "...there is so little that binds us together." He was presumably referring to such elements as culture, class, and ethnicity.

    No. There is one thing and one thing alone that does, or certainly can, bind us together. It is congruent with the conception of Love as requiring will, not emotion, and it begins with the letter "D."

    What is it? Please see LOVE ETHIC.

    Buscaglia, Leo

    Fletcher, Joseph

    Fromm, Erich

    Gandhi, Mohandas K.

    Hanh, Thich Nhat:  Zen Master; nominated for the Nobel Prize by Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1967.

    Hansen, Charles E.

    King, Jr., Martin Luther, Dr.

    Lewis, John

    Maslow, Abraham

    Smiley, Tavis:  Isn't Tavis Smiley a talk show host? Why is he on this list?

    Sorokin, Pitirim

    Ueshiba, Morihei ("O'Sensei")

    West, Cornel, PhD.

  • Policing:

    Can the practice of Agape stop the apparent phenomenon of undue use of force, sometimes lethal, by police officers in America, and around the world?

    Renowned Buddhist Zen Master and writer Thich Nhat Hanh has done work in the area of law enforcement and mindfulness.


    Unconfirmed photo that purports to show the Canadian police meditating before their shift.

    However, is "mindfulness" the same as, or even a part of, the practice of Agape, the Love ethic?

    The book LOVE ETHIC will answer this question.

  • Political Correctness.

  • Power:

    What unique and awesome power does every single human being possess--completely unbeknownst to most of us?

  • Power vs. Ego.

  • Praxis, Personal Accounts. "Praxis" refers to the practice of something; some art or discipline.

  • Praxis, other Accounts.

  • Pretenders to the Throne.

  • Pregnancy and Agape.

  • Principles, with Techniques:

    This, in large measure, is the nuts-and-bolts of the book:  exactly how do we love people? Across every situation, circumstance, and individual, and the myriad conflicts, problems, disagreements, and misunderstandings that routinely occur, in a world of human beings each and all moving in any number of social, economic, and physical directions in pursuit of their perceived self interest--how do we maintain an attitude of Love, and manifest that attitude in our actions and behavior? In other words, in our statements, responses, and word choices, even our body gestures and the tone of our speech? In what we say and do, and how we say and do it?

    Will moral suasion suffice, or do we need a kind of existential alchemy hitherto unknown to expand the awareness of the global population that it need not be a world of atoms, ala' Democritus, careening wildly in every direction, bouncing, colliding, and smashing against all the other atoms--people--in the vicinity? Worse, now with digital technology, locale is no longer a necessary kinetic parameter--we readily bounce, collide, and smash from afar. Distance is irrelevant.

    Sanctuary or selfish, our deportment toward our fellows happens now in the pulseblink of a fiber optic eye.

  • Public Figures & Celebrities:

    Public figures and so-called celebrities must exercise special diligence in practicing Agape, since their fame both predisposes them to abuse of fans and others, and fans and others to accept such abuse.

    Quick Test:  if the bodily fluids of a public figure or so-called celebrity are red, brown, yellow, and green, respectively, then guess what? They're simply human, no different than me and you. They should realize this, and treat their fans and others with more love and respect. "Public persons," my preferred appellation for famous actors, authors, politicians, athletes, and other such individuals so inclined can start by ensuring that they've provided a means for fans to contact them. I've experienced the vexation of this problem, myself, as our present crop of public persons remove even their sometimes single point of contact, an email address, from their websites, often in favor of a twitter handle, a far inferior means of contact. In my case I neither have, nor want, a Twitter account. Celebs:  God knows that many of you have enough cash to open an office, or create one in your mansion, then hire two, three, or more people to read your mail, both e-and-postal. Have them report notable communications to you, and you resolve to answer those, at least.

    You may have become an actor because you love acting, drama, or narrative, become a rock star because you love guitar and rock-n-roll, or become an athlete because you love your sport, and the cheer of the stadium. But one thing that your success indicates is that your work, regardless of your initial reason for entering your field, now produces happiness for a large, perhaps very large, group of people. Whether you anticipated it or not, and welcome it now or not, your work has created a connection between you and your fans. No--not just between your work and them, but between you and them. In your work, they see you. They hear you. They are affected by you. Even as an actor in makeup and costume, unless you're Kenny Baker (Rest in Peace) wholly encased in an R2-D2 shell, or Hugo Weaving wearing a Guy Fawkes mask through the entirety of your film production, in his case the film V for Vendetta, the fans and public in large measure see your work as you, and you as your work. Stop trying to define a distinction; nobody's really buying it.

    You're famous and wealthy. Deal with it. Do the right thing, the loving thing. Your transition to a more loving human being can now begin in earnest, insofar as you elect to act upon your impulse toward Agape, which you may possess:  after all, you're reading this website, aren't you?

    Talk Radio

    A segment of this often nonloving sphere of celebrity is that of talk radio. Indeed have I become sensitized over the last several years to the often poor, and sometimes atrocious, on-air behavior of an assortment of talk radio hosts, and I refer not only to institutions of sonic blight like Howard Stern, a man I personally heard mock the space shuttle Challenger disaster and tragedy in 1986, or Michael Savage, a man whose on-air deportment seems to comprise a horrible combination of Father Coughlin and an ape scratching armpit fleas. Shock jocks are appropriately titled and their behavior is as expected. Nor am I referring only to radio "personalities," i.e. persons projecting some kind of larger-than-life, somewhat fictionalized persona.

    I refer here to a cross-section of professional radio hosts with conventional, or relatively or apparently conventional shows that display poor on-air etiquette as a matter of course. The principal victims are their callers, and the rest of us that must witness this shabby treatment of other human beings, including a likely smaller percentage of listeners that find it explicitly intolerable and for whom said maltreatment generates anger or other upset.

    This on-air behavior tends to fall into several categories of discourtesy:  what are they, and what specific actions do they include? Who are the worst offenders--or does this conduct appear common to all radio talk show hosts?

    And why is this area of nonlove especially significant and transgressive?

    LOVE ETHIC has the important answers.

    There is actually a second dimension, a second theater of possible pain generated by talk radio programs, this time in regard to content and either the expectation it raises but doesn't always fill, and/or its confusing or misleading effect on the listener's mind, especially persons of insufficient intellect, education, life experience, or simply critical thinking skill. Programs with flagrantly opinion-driven political content, and those treating alien, supernatural, or conspiracy themes are top contenders in this arena.

    If we love our fellow humans, our Brothers and Sisters in our human family, we must continually and consciously help them develop their critical thinking skill and clarify their perspectives, not obfuscate, mislead, or mystify.

  • Religions, Love Ethic in:






  • Resources

    Physics tells us that to affect or influence a mass or force, an expenditure of energy is required. So too, the practice of Love, which is to say the activity of assisting a human (or other) being with the intent to help generate a desired outcome on their, and in larger terms, our, behalf, also requires an expenditure of resources of one kind or another.

    Which resources, however? There are three. Can you name them?

    Since each of us exists within the framework of a given socio-economic system, today it's principally capitalism, what is the relationship between that system and our ability to acquire, to practice Love, one or more of the three resources required, and then once acquired, expend these resources?

    Such questions are key because they illustrate, or at least suggest, the measure to which a given person, or group of persons, possesses the resources to practice Love.

    What if I want to help you, but live in a society where I can't help you, because I simply can't acquire the resources?

    Or I can acquire them, but can't use them? Is this the case in global society today?

    Such questions, and the considerations that generate them, help illustrate and explain the love-nonlove imbalance in modern global society. And from this imbalance flows every manner of human transgression and consequent pain.

  • Self-love

  • Racism. As commonly understood, there's actually no such thing. See Bigotry.

  • Similar Philosophies

  • Smart, but not Smart Enough

  • Social Issues. What does one's status as a practitioner of Agape, or Brotherly Love, imply, if anything, about his or her opinion on each of the following major social issues:


    Affirmative Action?

    Capital Punishment?


    Bilingual Education?

    Genetic Engineering?

    Gun Rights?

    Homosexual Marriage?

    Does, and indeed can, Love play a role in the formulation of opinion on each or any of these issues? How?

    Does this imply that said opinions will always be "progressive" or "left-wing"?

    Broadly, what is the political implication of belief in, and practice of, Love?

  • Social Media.

  • Socialist Movement

    I was in the American Socialist Movement for just under thirty years. As religions traditionally urge personal, and not economic, change, arguably rendering them ineffective in achieving either, socialist parties and related groups commit the same sin--in reverse. They advocate economic change, but not personal change. Thus, most, if not all such groups wish to hear little about Love.

    For these and other reasons, as my thinking on the social question advanced, I began to see myself as apart from this movement, if not a full emigre', about two or three years ago. Read carefully and comprehensively through my BROTHERHOOD OF MAN project to see that it is wholly dissimilar to any conventional socialist political program.

  • Suicide

  • Teen

    Middle-Aged Persons, trend in America

    Career, Success, and financially-related, a phenomenon in Japan and elsewhere


  • String Theory. What does Agape have to do with String theory, the prevailing "theory of everything" in Physics?

    Read LOVE ETHIC and find out.

  • Transgression, Human

    Whether the lies of the employee stealing pencils from the company supply locker, the brutal atrocities of the terror group ISIS, or any act of human transgression in between, determining and understanding the nature of, and causation for, human transgression actually remains simple. In fact, there is just one reason that so many people on this planet transgress in so many ways, past, present, and future, including and especially the failure to love, and the reason is readily stated in one sentence.

    LOVE ETHIC is going to give you this sentence--on page one.

  • Trump, Donald J.

    The candidacy, and now election, of Donald J. Trump has unleased a torrent of nonlove in manifold forms. Brexit appears to have done the same, and right-wing candidates in several nations appear on the rise, as in France. As in previous historical epochs, nonlove remains, the only question at a given moment being how much nonlove exists: the usual amount, which is extremely significant, causing untold pain, or a greater amount, which is even worse for the human family.

  • Truth

    This is where the rubber really hits the road in assessing a world based on profit and ego, against a world based on Love.

    In sum, as the adage "It's difficult for a man to accept the truth when his livelihood depends on him not accepting it," one wonders if this was the dynamic at work in the marketing department of the Table Talk Pie Company, Inc, of Massachusetts, when it wrote the package copy for Table Talk's small, so-called "Old-Fashioned" Baked Pumpkin Pie. The package for this small snack pie is a box, which also declares, on the back:

    Baked with Pride by
    Table Talk Pies, Inc.
    Worcester, MA

    The ingredient list on the back of this box reads like the included chemicals that came with a College-level Deluxe Chemistry set, including Artificial Flavor, yellow #5, and yellow #6. Since the pie is neither organic nor even non-GMO, we know that there are likely a whole host of hidden dangers in it, as well.

    One wonders how this company, or any company that trots out the standard marketing slogan "Old Fashioned" or any of its variants for its product copy, reconciles or squares this claim with the reality that the overwhelming majority of these products are absolute nutritional garbage--and that goes for Whole Foods Market products, as well.

    If these companies loved you, in the largest or deepest sense, or even respected you, respect, itself being a function of Love, they would:

    1. Not put garbage in their product.

    2. Not attempt to persuade you that theirs is a quality product, that is, that they have not put garbage in their product.

    But they don't love you. The overwhelming majority of companies on this planet simply couldn't care less about you. And essentially irrelevant, I'm afraid, is the fact of those company owners inclined to care about you through dint of their particular religious or philosophical beliefs, because as company owners, which is to say, as capitalists, they must follow the rules of capitalism in order to compete and survive, whether they personally like those rules, or not. Personal belief has little to do with it. This is the key and unforgiving message of the radical to the liberal.

    Now for those of you starting, at this moment, to scream that it's not the job of companies to love people--I extend a deep and sincere Thank You for making a key part of my argument for me. Because it is absolutely true, under capitalism it is not the job, nor even the aspiration, for companies to care about people--which is a key reason that capitalism has to go. For at this juncture in history, if the many mercilessly intractable problems of humankind, including its very destruction through climate change or the new, apparently unstoppable rise of superbugs, hadn't already persuaded us that this form of socio-economic system was obsolete, the new waves of also seemingly intractable violence whether domestic at home in the United States, or abroad in the especially odious form of DAESH (i.e. ISIS) should persuade us.

    Such is a world where people don't love other people.

    Those still not persuaded must either read and learn more about what the world is now, or simply get their heads out of the sand.

    The Dalai Lama has stated "Our prime purpose in this world is to help people. But if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." If corporations could at least follow this principle, perhaps we could do something with capitalism. But they can't follow it. Why? Please reread above. And for more detail go here.

    Scan of front and back box panels of the Table Talk "Old Fashioned" pie, pending.

  • War

    Like the use of violence by police, the tendency toward war can be irresistible. When a tool is available Humankind finds it difficult to refrain from its use, including that premature or inappropriate.

    War, however, is an utter abomination in several respects and the practice of Love requires its avoidance at almost all costs.

    Can you name two of the reasons that war is utterly unacceptable from this standpoint?

  • Water, Love as

  • Wisdom:  what is it?

  • Young People

    Young people are a potent source of hope and optimism for this world, often displaying compassion for, and solidarity with, suffering persons, whether refugees, homeless persons, or persons suffering a serious illness. Yet crime, a nonloving act, is also committed in large measure by young people. How do we resolve this apparent discepancy? How do we harness the boundless positive energy of many young people, while extinguishing the propensity of some young people toward injury to society?

  • Conclusions

  • Quotations

  • Poetry

  • Song Lyrics

  • Mea Culpa

    A list of the transgressions, which is to say the nonloving actions, of the author.


    The answer should be obvious. However, have no fear if the question perplexes you, as it's contained in LOVE ETHIC.


    1. Your Own Agape Plan

    2. The Agape Order

    3. Resources, Print

    4. Resources, Web

    What the...?

    After reading the combined chapter and topic list, above, you may be scratching your head, asking, "How can Love apply or pertain to such a wide variety of things, and so many in number? What is this guy, some kind of Love visionary?"

    Well, you said it, I didn't. I told you, above, however, that I was uniquely qualified to write this book. The fact is that Love does, or can, pertain to and indeed permeate every aspect of our lives and the world. It's that powerful and universally applicable. There's a word, taken from the world of computer science, that perfectly describes this capability that Love has. LOVE ETHIC will tell you what it is.

    Right now, in fact, it is nonlove that is permeating every aspect of our lives and the world--that's the problem.

    Ultimately, you may find the topics, above, and their terse capsule descriptions compelling--and they are. Please note, however, that the most salient and indeed seminal ideas, perspectives, and associated explication by this author are not here, but in LOVE ETHIC, itself.

    The Lord Buddha

    The Buddha (b. 563 BCE estimated, d. 483 BCE estimated)

    Who Should Read this Book

    Everyone, of course.

    Why? Because every person on planet Earth, every single human being, every one of us, is affected by the presence or absence of love, affected in the immediate whether said effects reside in the sphere of the personal, familial, social, occupational, financial, or medical. And each of us is also affected broadly, in the future, in whether planet Earth and our human species and family will even survive. Yes, the word is and must be survive, to capture the actual nature of our concern:  we already have an established record of damage and devastation to our world in climate change that our best scientists tell us may yet spell the end of our species, and now the rise of the so-called superbugs, strains of bacteria that are now immune to even our most potent antibiotics--the ones that we've depended on for years as our last line of defense to save us from the most powerful, intractable, and virulent strains of bacteria. This defense is now gone, meaning that if our species is destroyed--our enemy may have ultimately proven to be an organism about 1 billionth the physical size of a human being. There are approximately ten times as many bacterial cells in the human flora as there are human cells in the body.

    So as you can see, each of us has a life-and-death stake in shepherding this planet to a higher and more evolved plane. Directly into a paradigm that is, does, and indeed must represent a shift in our way of living and seeing the world--and primarily in seeing each other. In elevating our Human Family morally, and economically, without which moral elevation cannot and will not occur. This is because the economic element today--jobs, wages, benefits, cost of living, working conditions, overwork, value for our money, taxes, and many related issues--is simply too overwhelming and thus sets the tone, officially and unofficially, for every part of our existence:  the society outside of us, and every thought in our brain, inside of us.

    Given that there's simply no escape from the consequences and ramifications of the way that we engineer this world, morally and economically, it is imperative that we get it right--at this time in history, there is no more time or tolerance for excuses, ego, or the distorting effects of profit.

    Having noted all this, I can identify several sub-groups of persons who might, from their perspective given their own stated political, social, theological, occupational, or related interests and orientation, be especially, immediately, or urgently interested in what LOVE ETHIC has to say. Such sub-groups, with some overlap, include:

    1. Persons with a religious orientation, given that several major religions notably including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism explicitly prescribe love, or some similar, behavioro-attitudinal, disposition. More on this, below.

    2. Persons aghast at, confused by, and ultimately despondent over the near-daily stream of horrific violence, both explicitly terror-related, and that apparently rooted in more home-grown issues and concerns, here in the United States.

    3. Persons possessing a wistful but serious, long-time personal and philosophical impulse toward a world of unity and love. A world that they clearly see has thus far been as impossible as it is desirable.

    4. Persons disgusted by the egoism, banality, superficiality, counter-productivity, money-dependence, and apparent overall stupidity of the political process, especially in a place like the United States.

    5. Persons having given up hope that people, en masse, can ever be, or perhaps ever were, decent, sensitive, and humane.

    6. Persons wishing to learn improved conduct, including attitude, toward their fellow citizens.

    7. Persons wishing to better live the dictates and prescriptions of their religion. Christianity, for example, prescribes love of neighbor as a supreme virtue, indeed, the second great commandment of Christ, yet is famously deficient in expounding on the ways and techniques to do this. Judaism, by contrast, is noteworthy in its attempt to specify, but how successful is it? Religion can always use a helping hand in exhorting its adherents to live the Word. LOVE ETHIC is a notable, paramount, striking, and unique tool.

    8. Persons wishing to improve and enhance their self-esteem, which is to say their love of self. Perhaps such persons wish and must learn how to stop being intimidated by others, which is, again, to say, how to learn and exercise love of self.

    9. Persons wishing to develop, learn, and live a virtuous life apart from an organized theological system or body of belief. Such persons may include Humanists, for example, or other secularists with a positive human impulse, lacking a metaphysical infrastructure of belief and thus desiring and requiring an appropriate alternate ethico-philosophical system.

    10. Schoolkids of serious mind, wishing to learn a moral and ethical orientation to the world that is so new, and in so many cases disturbing, to them.

    11. Principles, Administrators, and Faculty members of educational institutions of any level and disposition, especially those teaching ethics classes, seeking a textual pedogical tool of real power.

    12. Faculty members and teachers, including Priests, Rabbis, and persons with a similar commitment to key religious principles, wishing to better learn to impart the lessons of love, whether of Christian or another theological variety, to their increasingly restive students, such educators realizing that a text of tremendous ethico-revolutionary power is exactly the seminal tool they need, to teach effectively in the difficult and diffuse world of today, whether the students are young children in grade school, young adults in college, or anyone else.

    13. Persons dealing with difficult, or even explicitly traumatic or devastating, personal or family problems including such sobering circumstances as that surrounding issues of addiction, rape, homocide, or perhaps "simply" torment from nonloving neighbors. LOVE ETHIC will give you the conceptual and practical tools needed to both rise above, and resolve these kinds of stubborn and dispiriting difficulties.

    14. Persons disillusioned with Ethics and other "How-To" books on our relationship to each other and other key dimensions of our human condition, that prove themselves too often mere casual surveys, pop-psychology, or other missives to the dilettante in us.

    15. Students of philosophy who are hungry to continue exploring ideas, for whom Agape, or Brotherly Love, remains a presently unexplored idea.

    16. Fledgling politicians or others in, or aspiring to, positions of governance, who seek a viable ethico-political blueprint to competently guide them as persons of integrity, as they take office and find themselves actually entrusted with the real lives and fates of real people, either in nearby locales, or larger geographical regions such as states, provinces, prefectures, or even entire nations.

    17. Persons interested in the idea of the Kibbutzim or similar notions of a shared community or communal experience, whereby all members work together as one group or family, with fraternity, and perhaps even Love, for the benefit of all.

    If, formally or casually, with certainty or just an inkling, you see yourself in even one of the above groups, meaning you belong to such a group, or perhaps simply share one or more of its ideas, or if you are simply a Brother or Sister in our Human Family of any turn-of-mind, lifestyle, value system, age, occupation, gender, or marital status, you can and will derive an overwhelming benefit by reading LOVE ETHIC, and are thus strongly encouraged to read, or indeed even study, it immediately.

    Every day that we delay in finally bringing real values and principals to our world, every day that we delay in building our human Brotherhood, is a day that takes us further down the road toward social and economic oblivion. We're almost there already--have you read the headlines this week? Or, how long has it been since you've taken your rose-colored glasses off regarding your own life? Most research today shows that a person or family suddenly deprived of an income, from job loss, catastrophic medical event, or something else, would last about a month or so before existing savings ran out. Then, you live on the street.

    Who are we kidding, here?

    Please secure your personal copy of LOVE ETHIC immediately. Who knows what new, world-changing catastrophe will next occur if we delay for even one more day.


    For those with a religious orientation, Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, for example, or adhering to a certain philosophical system, Buddhism for example, please note that LOVE ETHIC does not supplant religion or other belief systems--indeed it powerfully partners with and complements them. In fact, most major religions and philosophical systems, themselves, contain a principle of Brotherly Love. The problem is getting people to practice, and practice properly. What does "properly" mean? LOVE ETHIC answers this question, too.

    LOVE ETHIC will do nothing but complement and enhance your practice of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, or any other system of belief. It will help you take your body of belief and its prescriptions and proscriptions from the realm of theory into practice. Left to their own devices, this is not easy to do for many people, especially when you factor in how busy most people are these days, with work, family, and many other related issues. LOVE ETHIC will assist you in ways you cannot presently even imagine, expanding your perspective, and helping you take your first steps into a larger, more amazing, satisfying, and less-stressful world.

    You'll be a better and more peaceful person, and the benefits cannot help but spill over through your family, and even your workplace. Such is the power of Love, properly understood and implemented.

    Purpose of this Page

    While not the book, the web page at which you presently reside,, is powerful and extensive in its own right, a small book in itself--essentially a book about a book. Needless to say, if you're drawn to the ideas and their expression at this website, i.e. the smaller book, you'll likely do somersaults over the actual book, LOVE ETHIC.

    In fact, the author was advised to shorten this introductory descriptive content, which is to say this website, but he holds the opposite philosophy:   in this case, in the case of Love there must be more information, not less; indeed, as much as possible. In fact, if our present socio-economic framework permitted the author to simply give the book away while not starving--he would. This book, if not over its development becoming the most important book you'll ever read, will certainly be one of the few. Why? Because, as stated above, Love, properly understood, is the most powerful force available to Humankind. As one interested in ideas, the author had his pick of any thinker or thought; there is a long history of ideas in the world. Why pick Love? Because of every idea conceived or discovered in the mind of man, Love is among the one or two most powerful. Likely the only other with approximately equal power, as many people would assert, is the idea or reality of "God." In fact, to wit, and interestingly, many people assert a rough equivalence, i.e. "God is Love."

    Yet, its unique place and power notwithstanding, this force, Love, is presently as absent as it is misunderstood, today; and all of yesterday's "todays," as well. Love is Humanity's oxygen--yet our tank is essentially empty. It's infrequently filled, and then, with an inferior compound.

    The power of this page, comes because regarding the subject, Brotherly Love, it provides a preliminary explanation of the topic, and its importance, and in doing so necessarily touches on many themes and topics, illuminating them in a necessarily abridged but compelling way. The author encourages you to read this entire page carefully, as it will likely acquaint you with the intellect and facility in language in service of this work, as well as his commitment to Agape as the tool required if Humanity is to have a future. He hopes that you will then be aware that he is committed to fully exploring Agape with you, such that you and he can arrive at a singular conclusion, mutually understood as extremely powerful, and indeed absolutely essential for the survival, at least, and actualization, at best, of Humanity:  the conclusion that a new socio-economic system, such as one that is Classless, Moneyless, Need-based, and Love-oriented (C.M.N.L., pron. communal), is required. In other words, society must be recast on the basis of Love, our human family finally organized into, and thereafter known as something along the lines of, the Brotherhood of Man.

    Actualization refers to a state or condition where, in this case, Humanity has fully become what it has the potential to be.

    Clarification of Importance

    The assertion that LOVE ETHIC is "the most important book you'll ever read," is not to say that other important books don't exist; obviously they do. There are books on Agape or Brotherly Love, and books on any number of other subjects in both the physical and social sciences. Books in the former class, Brotherly Love, are superior to books in the latter since the former is required for the very preservation, if not the actualization, of Humanity. It isn't hard to assert that work in the physical sciences is secondary to work in one sector of social science, that studying the New Science of Agape. Analysis and deconstruction of the relationship of one area of science to the other is interesting and important and contained in LOVE ETHIC.

    As asserted above, books at the bleeding edge of social science, Agape theory and practice, are superior to those in every other information area, so any book adding to the body of argument in favor of Agape belongs to this class of the most important books. At least two of them are mentioned on this page. However, though other books in this class exist, not just LOVE ETHIC, the author asserts that LOVE ETHIC is perhaps the most important because of the unique way that it approaches the subject, in:

    1. Proffering a realistic, evolution-based conception of Love, instead of the traditional turn-the-other-cheek form that people innately understand to be foreign to their humanity, thus relegating Love, which should be a primary human conceptual and practical tool, the relegation of which and consequent absence of this tool arguably responsible for the horrific condition of the human race, today.

    2. Linking the ability to fully practice Love with a given economic system; specifically, asserting that the nature of our present economic system, capitalism, is such that a full flowering of Love simply cannot occur.

    Thus, Mr. De Benedetto's work treats Love comprehensively, in its full social and economic context. It deserves nothing less.

    The author respectfully notes that some persons will reject, categorically, summarily, or reflexively the assertion of the primacy of LOVE ETHIC, or any book other than their preferred work, in many cases that work being a book of existential or theological intimacy such as the Christian Bible, Jewish Torah, Muslim Koran, or similar works.

    The author humbly asserts, however, that LOVE ETHIC may well fill the ecumenical position in this important pantheon, in practical and philosophical support of Agape, perhaps in concert or complement with the related works of others. We could call it the AGAPE, and as an independent system of belief, for those who wish this optional dimension, we can refer to it by it's existing name Agapology or Agapism.

    And if the author is wrong? Then someone, somewhere, a stronger thinker, writer, adherent, and advocate had better surface to persuade the world of the categorical necessity of Love.


    "I'm not interested in who's right--but what's right."

    -- Frank Salvatore De Benedetto, Father of the author

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (b. 1929, d. 1968)
    (Photo: 1966, Bob Fitch/Black Star)

    Put Your Wallet Away

    As of December 23, 2016, LOVE ETHIC is free. There is no cost to you.

    To put it in the language of Internet marketing: I'm de-monetizing the book and this website.

    I decided this upon realizing that I can't remain consistent in asserting, not just the essential character of this work, but how imperative it is that we get a copy into the hands of as many people as possible--at the same time that I maintain an impediment to this objective--a monetary price. This is inconsistent and perhaps a bit immoral, and I've decided that I won't do it.

    Leave such artificial scarcity to capitalism and the capitalists: of course they, and it, does it all the time. One of the most pernicious and obviously nonloving aspects of the normal operation of capitalism is that it inserts an artificial barrier (money) between a need such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care, transportation, or basic daily technology such as a PC with Internet access, and the easy fulfillment of that need. I've decided that I'm not going to do this. Not with this book, at this time. This book, the idea that it seeks to advance, is simply too critical, as stated throughout this website.

    Of course, I'm not a rich capitalist who can absorb this cost, myself. I'm not a capitalist at all, nor am I rich, nor anything like it. But I'll presumably survive. Just get the book, read it, study it, and live it. Follow my work in this area.

    I hope and believe that in providing the book for free, the credibility of my assertion that it is absolutely imperative that we promulgate, embrace, and implement the principal of Brotherly Love, Agape, and that, accordingly, everyone must own, read, and indeed study LOVE ETHIC, will rise dramatically. Promulgation of this idea is an extremely important objective that I hope has now come far closer to realization.

    By the Way

    Persons with an interest in political theory might note that giving away the product of one's labor is a core principal of genuine Communism, or as I prefer to call it:  Commune-ism, embodying and expressing the values of the traditional commune of love, sharing, cooperation, fellowship, and mutual aid, as genuine Communism is supposed to do.

    I posit genuine Communism, as opposed to the pernicious and odious faux Communism of the former Soviet Union, and the China, Cuba, and North Vietnam, of today. You'll find no kudos for Fidel, Che', Mao, or Lenin here.

    Is That It

    Are there any other reasons that I've decided to simply give the book away?

    Yes. A secondary reason is the hope that by putting the book into more people's hands, faster, it will assist in building my reputation as one professionally versed in Agape. It also occurs to me that once the book becomes popular and there is a proven demand, I can begin charging for the book if required, at that time. Or I can implement a transaction paradigm similar to that of open-source software:  I can provide the basic book electronically without charge, but charge for enhanced variations such as versions in print, autographed, or those bundled with complementary or supplemental information, of which there is a large body.

    Moreover, in offering the book without charge, I don't necessarily have anything to lose, as the book, the importance of its subject matter notwithstanding, has no takers yet, anyway.

    If you're thinking that such admissions are uncommon--you're right. In practicing Brotherly Love, complete honesty without commission or omission, is fundamental. Welcome to intercourse with someone serious about their practice.

    I will state, last, that what was just written, notwithstanding, my initial, principal, and almost exclusive impetus to provide the book gratis is my categorical conviction that we must get this book into the hands of as many people as possible, as fast as possible, for the sake of the welfare of the Human race, our One Human Family. And my realization that by setting a monetary cost for the book, I was introducing a roadblock to the very kind of widespread dissemination that I was aggressively advocating.

    Request Your Copy

    Simply request your copy of the book, below. Include your full name and basic location, if you'd be so kind, as I'd like to know who is requesting these initial copies, and I'd like to create a mailing list for persons interested in learning Love, and/or building the Brotherhood of Man.

    Delivery of this first edition will be via email within about 14 days. It's a tightly-written 80 pages and growing, that is extremely and uniquely powerful. You'd be amazed at how much wisdom can be packed into 80 pages, assuming that the writer has wisdom to give. The combination of the extensive content of this website (about 40 pages) and the book, itself (about 80 pages), is about 120 pages as of October 2016. Since the book is under continuing development, this next revision is going to be extremely important, as well. And please note that the content of the book does not merely duplicate the content of my various Internet resources (i.e. web sites). In fact, now that LOVE ETHIC is released, my Internet resources must, and have, of necessity taken a permanent back seat:  all new and updated content will appear in the book, and the book, alone.

    Please secure your copy of LOVE ETHIC immediately. Why wait one more second to receive its life-and-world-changing power? You can't afford to wait--and neither can the world. Have you read the headlines, lately? Why is there such a concentration of truly horrific news at this time in history, day after day, week after week, month after month--with no end in sight? Brothers and Sisters, there's an answer to this specific question that's as comprehensible (i.e. understandable) and obvious as it is compelling, and LOVE ETHIC will give it to you--on page one. Simply request your free copy.

    LOVE ETHIC is actually the preamble, or preliminary work to my far larger-scale multimedia project of the same name and theme, presently under longer-term development. The first iteration, or edition, of LOVE ETHIC, here, is actually just the tip, of the tip of the iceberg. But since the iceberg, itself, is of such power--so is its tip.

    So get on board the Love Train now with the first edition of LOVE ETHIC, because it's going to be a wild ride! I don't think the O'Jays ever imagined this!


    This Internet resource, describing the book LOVE ETHIC, is itself about 40 pages in length, and provides Agape-specific information that is thought-provoking, powerful, and original. For persons with an impulse toward, and interest in, this kind of Wisdom, this site has arguably already provided fairly extensive content. If you ultimately never obtain a copy of LOVE ETHIC, there is still enough here to stimulate and inform your interest in Agape for months or even years to come. However, the book, itself, will obviously provide even more.

    To Obtain Your Copy

    Simply click below. The book is presently in Microsoft Word format; recommended viewing using that program, WPS Writer, or any faithfully Word-compliant program. There is no Kindle version, or was there when I was charging for the book. Royalties paid by Amazon are so low, a mere fraction of what is earned through a sale directly from this website, that such a distribution channel is rendered impractical, and frankly, insulting. One wonders if such payment schemes are why Jeff Bezos, owner of, is so rich. He likely doesn't need any more of our money.

    Development Arc

    Completion of the second edition of LOVE ETHIC is estimated at 2017. The entire multimedia set, when available around 2019, will consist of 1.) the latest full edition of LOVE ETHIC, Vols. I & II, 2.) a separate, but complementary volume of equal power and relevance, working title NEIGHBORS OF DEATH, 3.) a major component of a different media type, description withheld, that will comprise a major contextual assist in developing a concrete and insightful understanding of the development and lineage of the ideas contained and explicated in the first two volumes. The price of these first three parts of this completed multimedia set is unclear at this time. Whatever it is, there will likely be bulk or other discounting for universities and other schools, religious institutions, and low-income persons.

    As stated, the "latest, full edition" of LOVE ETHIC will ultimately be comprised of Volumes I and II. Volume II will be adapted from this Internet resource. If you read through this site, you'll essentially be reading Volume II of LOVE ETHIC.

    4.) The fourth part of the project is the politico-musical endeavor MESSAGE OF HOPE, which will likely have its own pricing when completed, and 5.) the fifth part of the project is the radio program called BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, with me, Agape Master Vincent Frank De Benedetto, as talk host.

    Also critical and pending is a children's version of one or more of the first three parts of the project.

    Free Book

    Statement from Vincent Frank De Benedetto

    "My book is free."

    Wouldn't this be nice?

    [NOTE:  Yes, it would be nice, and now as of December 23, 2016, it's true.]

    It would be wonderful, because 1.) It wouldn't require an expenditure of your resources to obtain a needed or desired resource, and 2.) it would represent such a nice impulse on the part of the giver. Conduct human affairs like this for a while and see how everybody's mood improves! See how our very conception of the world changes.

    I want to make something clear. I'm an adherent of the idea that all human beings are Brothers and Sisters in one human family, and I'm actively engaged in the promulgation of this idea, and its extrapolation, the consequent notion that our society should be structured to reflect this beautiful reality, and thus should not base itself on people selling things to one another. We should simply and lovingly give them to each other. If I have what you need or want to be happy, I should simply give it to you--including my book. And you should do the same for me, and in fact, everybody should do the same for everybody else.

    Are you sitting down? Because now I'm about to really blow your mind:  were we as a world to do this, in an organized fashion, do you know what it would be called? Do you know what we would have created? An economy! It would be Humankind's new, permanent, and peerless economy, replacing and far superior to its inferior and indeed obsolete predecessor, capitalism. In fact, the two kinds of economies and their attendant societies wouldn't even be in the same league. Not even in the same universe.

    We'd have a new national, or preferably global economy based, believe it or not--on Love. The ancient and wistful dream of the poets, philosophers, thinkers, and good-hearted among us for a Brotherhood of Man--would finally be realized.

    So, again, come full circle in my remarks, here, had I my preference, there is no way on Earth that I would sell you this book. That I would demand money, or anything else, in exchange. I can't claim to love you, but then provide you what you need only if I can derive a benefit.

    That's not love. The religious and other apologists for capitalism can crow all they want.

    Had I my way, Brothers and Sisters, I would without question simply give each of you this book--and I'd be happy to do it. And if we as a human family ever decide to restructure the world to reflect these elevated ideas, I'll be able to freely help provide for your needs, and you for mine. In such a world, we would look out for, and help, each other in about the same proportion; recall what I wrote above--this is the way to practice Agape, or Brotherly Love. And this principal is extensible, which means it easily lends itself to expansion or contraction across varying situations and circumstances. This is why Love can pertain equally to interpersonal relations, as well as fundamental economics, like the way we structure an entire national, or international, economy. That's the amazing and generally unknown power of Love, properly understood.

    Presently, however, the ugly curtain of reality is largely defined by capitalism, so I can't give my work away. If I did, it's unlikely that I'd be able to pay my own bills, as we're all forced to under our present profit-based system. All things considered, that this is an economically and, indeed, morally compromised socio-economic system, and consequent human state of affairs, is glaring.

    Let's change it, shall we?

    [Note:  The book is now free. Read above.]

    Unique Time, Writer, & Book

    Someone erroneously referred to the content at this website as a "pitch" for LOVE ETHIC. However, this book does not require a sales pitch, and its author, Vincent Frank De Benedetto, is not a salesman. Simply, Brothers and Sisters, if you're a human being, especially one living in the year 2016--you already clearly see and understand the value of this book. In fact, on some level whether you yet realize it or not, you're probably wondering why no one has published a book quite like this, before.

    Simple. A book like this could never have been published before, because there could not have been a book like this, before. Only Vincent Frank De Benedetto, with his particular set of life experiences, processed through his unique intellect, view of the world, and elevated value system, could have written this book. Fortunately for all of us, now he has.

    Run, don't walk, in this direction.

    . . . . . . . .

    In the world of publishing, there are thousands of new book titles released each year.

    Of these, a small subsection may be considered genuinely important.

    Of these, a small subsection may be considered extremely important.

    Of these, a small subsection may be considered vital, or critical.

    And then there's LOVE ETHIC. It is indispensable. Hands down.

    LOVE ETHIC is not just "a" book. It is the book.

    Note to Activists

    LOVE ETHIC is a powerful tool in the hands of activists. If you are an activist of any stripe, meaning someone working for change, if you are working to change the world for the better in any way, a copy of LOVE ETHIC in your hands is among your most powerful tools. Perhaps your most powerful.

    You will reference it for personal inspiration, and specific prescriptions to problems with people or situations relevant to your activism. After all, as an activist what is it that you're fundamentally trying to do? Change minds. This is done most effectively through Love--albeit "tough love," sometimes, but ultimately Love, nonetheless. And above all, the presence of LOVE ETHIC in your personal library, on your desk, in your car, or on your PC, will serve to focus and center you, and remind you explicitly of what you're actually fighting for. Because to really change the world we must take the broad view--even if we're initially working on a single issue. We must still take the long view. You must realize that you're not ultimately fighting for better wages, or a cleaner environment, or affordable housing, or an end to bigotry, alone. For insofar as you realize gains in any of these areas, while the larger world remains fundamentally nonloving all the other problems will still exist. And even the gains you've achieved on single-issue will likely be rolled back or chipped away at. Just wait, for example, until the next presidential administration rolls in. As activists know, even when you do achieve an objective, it's usually only a partial victory, and always threatened by impermanence.

    When we put it all together we realize that this or that single-issue victory is simply not enough. Not really. Not if you're really in this not as an ego stroke, but to actually help the world. For this, we must broaden our view from single-issue, to every issue. And once we're talking every issue, we're speaking of necessity of root causes. Because, as in the physical body, when multiple symptoms appear, one after the other without end, it's usually a single underlying malady at work. Society is no different. If just poverty, or homelessness, or climate change, or breakdown of the family, or bigotry, or unemployment, or mental illness, or terrorism, or gun violence, or the related global epidemics of obesity and diabetes, plagued the planet, but other than that single issue or two everything was fine, we could logically seek and adhere to a single-issue, single-cause paradigm (SI/SC). But with so many problems plaguing this planet, in fact nothing but problems of every kind, we've got to realize that there must be a single underlying cause. The physical body has cancer, every part of the body declines. The physical body has dementia, every part of the body declines. Identically, when the social and economic body in its entirety declines, there must be an underlying disease; in other words, a root cause. Which there is. The "cancer" of society:  capitalism and its attendant culture of egoism.

    Egoism is when I believe my interests to be more important than yours.

    In other words, once we're speaking of root causes of all problems, we're also of equal necessity speaking of systemic or structural solutions. Why? Because when an entire set of problems is caused by just one or two things, this usually means that it's the system, itself, that is the ultimate cause of every difficulty. If the system, in our case the system of capitalism and its symbiotic cultural system of ego, is the cause, the solution must address the entire system, as well. And a solution that seeks to address the fatal flaws in an entire system is called a systemic solution. Structural is just another word, a synonym, for systemic.

    Here is my respectful call and personal recommendation to activists, then:  in your writing, theoretical, and field work, don't leave your most powerful tool behind. Your personal copy of LOVE ETHIC.

    Where Angels Fear to Tread

    Is there virtue in emulating an angel?

    Some of you may find all or a portion of the material at this Internet resource,, difficult to read or understand. Even could a human emulate such a celestial being, do not be as the angels named above, as you tread LOVE ETHIC. In examining its descriptive page, for example, where you presently reside, your mind may wander off as the content becomes cerebral and dense. It's clear to you by now that this isn't the Kansas, anymore, of the world of the comic book or USA Today. The content of this page, and the work that it introduces and refers, LOVE ETHIC, expresses in largely, though not exclusively, high-level language.

    Perhaps a paradox, but if so, common:  dense and complicated language describing an idea, Brotherly Love, that in its general contours is actually rather straightforward and simple. The lineage of LOVE ETHIC in this respect is probably akin to that of "The Technology of Love" by Charles E. Hansen. However, there is a body of generally related work comprised of books that are easier to read, such as those of Leo Buscaglia and even a classic work like The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm.

    Bear in mind, however, that if you wish the first-person, or at least first-hand, perspective of a particular writer, it is that writer that you must read.

    It can be argued that LOVE ETHIC is written for the general reader, though a reader unafraid to actually read. Which is to say, to read closely, reread, and even study. This might be necessary given the seminal nature of the material, referring to the idea of Love and the theory that I've constructed around it, and the somewhat dense and cerebral construction and language of the presentation.

    In accessibility, the worst that one might say about the material is that it is to be studied. Yet in stating the worst we state the best, for work requiring study, as our most important historical work in fiction and nonfiction alike clearly illustrates, is generally, if not often, substantive work. Work with power and meaning, written by smart people, and if not smart, people with something to say. Hence the need in some cases to reread or even study their material, to discover what it actually means and contains, not just on its surface but one, two, or even three layers deep. To know the material is to know the mind of its writer. To know them. And as in life, getting to know someone can take time--which factor alone doesn't prevent the endeavor for many of us, much of the time, when we really find ourselves drawn to something or someone, or think that we could or should be.

    At this point in time and space you are meeting Vincent Frank De Benedetto for the first time. Sit back, then, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and chat. Running out of the room remains decidedly impolite.

    One can variously read, or study, the Bible, Torah, Koran, Heidegger's Being and Time or Sartre's Being and Nothingness; the reader may find worth in all cases. Am I asserting any sort of equivalence between LOVE ETHIC and the work of these other thinkers and theologians? No. In fact, the author's book has just begun initial development; moreover, history makes it own decisions. However, the book, if ultimately deemed significant, may prove itself, at minimum, a part of the needed Agape solution; after all, our journey toward Agape, in its fullest understanding and most useful and productive employ, is akin to a puzzle, and each of us can and should emplace our largest and best pieces. LOVE ETHIC is one of mine. I look forward to yours.



    About the Author

    Vincent Frank De Benedetto is a Philosopher, New York Times-quoted writer, neologist (inventor of new words), Musician, Agape Master, Health Educator, Silence Activist, former Leafblower & Community Relations Expert at a national anti-noise organization, and a continuing family Caregiver. He has a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University.

    Mr. De Benedetto has also begun to renew his commitment to (ovo-lacto) vegetarianism, because, as he asserts, while Man, not animal, is at the heart of his Agape paradigm, there is a discrepancy, incongruity, or discontinuity between a commitment to love the human animal, to help relieve its suffering and actualize its existence, and the wholesale torture and slaughter of the non-human animal, also a sentient being that feels pain and self-preserves, in order to turn it into food or other products.

    And why anti-noise? As you'll learn in LOVE ETHIC, a key impediment to the practice of love is stress: it's hard to extend ourselves to others when we're stressed. And a key stressor is, you guessed it--noise. In fact, noise is an all-around pernicious element in society. When people talk about how bad the world is today, many don't realize that the near-constant barrage of noise they're subjected to plays a huge role in how they perceive the world. You attempt to ignore noise with varying degrees of success, but rest assured that your nervous system is not ignoring it. It can't. It perceives, absorbs, and is affected by all environmental stimuli thrown at it.

    The bio-social reality is that noise injures in many way--whether you realize it or not. This is documented medical fact.

    Mr. De Benedetto is the author of NOISE:  Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide: the anti-Noise, anti-Leafblower Handbook.

    Actually, far from a mere reduction in noise, bleeding-edge research indicates the utterly critical role of actual silence in human development and healing, especially as regards children. Gary W. Evans, professor of human ecology at Cornell University, states:

    " among the strongest, probably the most definitive proof that noise – even at levels that do not produce any hearing damage – causes stress and is harmful to humans"

    You want to live healthy? Get noise out of your life.

    You want to live Love? Get noise out of your life.

    Agape Master

    Pronunciation: uh gop' ay

    uh rhymes with DUH
    gop rhymes with mop
    ay rhymes with RAY

    Vincent Frank De Benedetto is a self-declared Agape Master. Agape is Greek for Brotherly Love, which is the subject of LOVE ETHIC and much of Mr. De Benedetto's work, and the general basis for his mode of living. An Agape Master is an individual engaged in a serious, often lifetime study and/or practice of Agape that is usually considered so substantive that such persons are considered more than proficient enough to assume the role of teacher. They are also considered generally far more advanced than others, even most of those engaged in similar study or practice.

    Mr. De Benedetto's unique mastery also includes development of a body of original scholarship in Agape, a discipline and subject of study that Mr. De Benedetto terms "The New Science of Agape," and asserts as the bleeding-edge of social science, far more important than any other area of social, or indeed physical, science.

    This original scholarship is under continuing development and, indeed, comprises the starting content of LOVE ETHIC.

    For the complete online corpus (body of writing and other work) of Vincent Frank De Benedetto simply "Google" him, preferably using a search engine like this.


    At 56 years of age, it has become the self-imposed life mission of Vincent Frank De Benedetto to conceive the most powerful formulation of Love that the present state and condition of his mind will permit, then promulgate it to the planet. This is his task for the balance of his years.

    I write as regards my mind, "present state and condition," because the health of a individual is often shifting, especially in younger and older age. At middle-age and beyond, one's physical and mental faculties are usually in, or tending toward, a state of decline of some measure. Therefore, the mental faculty available to me today is likely not quite as it was 25 years ago.

    Continuing with Credentials:  Mr. De Benedetto can be nothing but a self-declared Agape Master--there is no certifying organization for such a role or corresponding title. They are specific to the theory and corresponding practice of Love as defined by Mr. De Benedetto, himself (and his fledgling organizational entity The Agape Order, should one wish to consider it).

    Mr. De Benedetto states: "At the inception, or in the early years, of Christianity, or indeed any religious, philosophical, or political movement, there were no programs of, nor standards for, certification, nor member ID cards. I don't think that the Buddha, or Christ or any apostle, had paperwork to confirm their title or identity and the power or validity of their message. In those formative, very early years, they offered their words and actions and were judged accordingly. If they were called "Teacher" it was those around them that began this utterance. This offering is what I'm doing, right here, right now, with my manifold work in service of my ideas, the book LOVE ETHIC being its best and highest expression, at present.

    You, are my judge.

    As in all of life, besides checking C.V. and formal credentials, we must simply use our combined faculties of mind and heart to examine the gift that is laid before us. If we deem it of worth, this helps establish the worth of its creator.

    Is it even necessary to create a title such as Agape Master? Does this make Emily Post, an author famous for education in service of the social graces, an Agape Master?

    Please read LOVE ETHIC for the answer to this interesting and relevant question, and for further related discussion.


    But what of real personal pain? As potent as my material is, did I ever have any actual skin in the game? Have I personally been hurt in ways large, or even small, by the absence of Love in society? Are my thoughts informed by the crucible of hard personal experience?

    They are--very hard. And it hasn't stopped yet. My body of work resides at the intersection of my hard personal experience, intellect, and value system. LOVE ETHIC and related work is not just an exercise formulated in the ethereal intellectual environment of the ivory tower. In an isolated world of academe. Later installments of my multi-part project will fully chronicle the pain I've been suffering over the past fifteen years of my life; pain that I've been struggling to negotiate with only modest success.

    Acknowledgement from Others

    I have thus far in my life had a small number of people, perhaps six or so, persons with whom I've interacted or who have observed me in my various roles assisting others, in some cases caregiving my parents, voluntarily, with no solicitation whatsoever, remark upon my character. Comments are typically like:

    "You have a good heart."

    "You're a kind person." (Had at least two of these: one many years ago and one or two over the past few years.)

    "You're going to Heaven."

    "Thank you for your caring."

    I also sometimes receive effusive sentiment from people even aside from language. For example, about ten days ago as I drove past one of our local crossing guards, an African-American man probably in his late twenties or early thirties, I tapped my horn and when he looked I established eye contact and waved at him with a smile and benevolent facial expression. The response of this man was as incredible as it was wonderful. He so appreciated my greeting and display of recognition. I did the same thing about two days ago, waving at the gentleman, "Joe," who patrols a local supermarket complex. He, too, responded with a big smile and full gratitude lighting his entire face. This wasn't the first time that Joe and I have had this very positive and wonderful kind of exchange. In fact, I sometimes do try to brighten someone's otherwise dreary work day.

    This is not to say that I'm perfect; far from it. Nor to elevate me to some ramified status. But it is to say that the way I walk through life is striking to some people, and they sometimes remark voluntarily or respond with great affirmation. I think such remarks serve adequately as, shall we say, circumstantial evidence regarding my character orientation. I live my life like this; as I walk through life I help a lot of people, pretty much all the time. The other day, Thursday, November 02, 2017, at Dunkin' Donuts the young man staffing the drive-thru window, who barely spoke English, handed me a free donut in a bag. I hadn't asked for any donut. He simply did it--likely because I was what he does not often encounter:  a genuinely caring human being, concerned about him. Whenever I visit a drive-thru, the first I say into the order board speaker is:  "how are you?," and I did so this time, as well.

    I think it fair to say that the sentiments I routinely hear expressed, and the Thanks I get, in concert with the serious and extensive writing that I'm doing on Agape, and my categorical belief in, and commitment to, this principal and way of life, including my daily practice, are testament enough to my special status in the world, to my status as a serious and consistent practitioner of Agape, "Brotherly Love"--to my status as an Agape Master.

    Benefactors Sought

    Like the medieval artisans of old, Vincent Frank De Benedetto seeks one or more benefactors or patrons to underwrite his work. Unlike those artisans, the work of Mr. De Benedetto carries a powerful benefit to the world. The work is also expected to be extremely lucrative. The necessity for money in our present society makes this a critical consideration.

    Unique and prolific, philosopher, writer, revolutionary, Agape Master, and health educator Vincent Frank De Benedetto has devoted his adult life to formulating and promulgating a message of hope about Humanity. That we're all brothers and sisters in one human family. That we have access to a force that is the most powerful available:  Brotherly Love (Agape, pron. ugg ah' pay in Greek). That virtually every human problem can be solved through our restructure into a Love-oriented society called the Brotherhood of Man.

    It is a fundamentally positive message, all the more powerful because it is completely and utterly true. It stands in contradistinction, and is a profound and singular antidote, to the largely horrific state of the world. There is a vaguely upward moral trajectory to our species, but the infant suffers continual respiratory distress as the toxic clouds of ego, which partially powers terror, and money, hangs like a greasy cloud around its head.

    All of Mr. De Benedetto's writing, which presently includes about 15 websites including those touching profundity and wisdom such as those delineated above, five major books in various stages of development and unique, substantial, and expansive supporting materials, his musical project Message of Hope, and his (pending) outreach sessions to dojo classes learning the salutary martial art of Aikido, to further generate the activation of Love in society by pointing out to these classes that their founder, O'Sensei, started this martial art, in fact, not be martial at all, but in explicit support of the coalition of all of Humankind into one loving human family, is remarkable.

    Given this pointed objective unique to the formation of a martial art, Aikido and its founder has attracted the attention of Mr. De Benedetto and he has cleverly recognized the art as a natural platform to, and from, which to teach Love. Indeed, there are Aikido schools around the globe.

    Thematically, though not financially, unrelated, he has also conceived about twenty invention ideas, the success of even one of which could effect dramatic positive life change for him, and his benefactor, which he seeks.

    The crown jewels of all of Vincent's work will likely turn out to be LOVE ETHIC, the book described here at, and his first musical release, as thematically unique as his book, to be presented either under his existing project name MESSAGE OF HOPE, or eponymously under his own name Vincent Frank De Benedetto. The author believes that LOVE ETHIC may ultimately become the next great book of the World, taking a position alongside such works as the Christian Bible, Jewish Torah, and Muslim Koran. And speaking financially, it will thus be a permanent cash cow for those individuals and companies shrewd and insightful enough to have established a business relationship with the author.

    Extraordinary Character

    However, what, after all comprises the extraordinary character of the work of Mr. De Benedetto? Haven't social reformers and, indeed, even revolutionaries generation after generation been trying to improve society? Yes. But so far they've failed. Whatever principle, theorem, paradigm, hypothesis, objective, prescription, proscription, or combination of same each has deigned to use has failed, as clearly if not categorically illustrated by the tableau and character of our modern world:  conflict, after strife, after war, after murder, after trauma, after rape, after addiction, after high school shooting, after police shooting, after small act of terror, after large act of terror, after poverty, after breakup of the family, after killing likely billions of emerging humans in the womb ("abortion"), after mental illness, after unemployment, after toxic air, water, and soil, after climate change, after bigotry, after planned obsolescence, after suicide, after inordinate numbers of antibiotic prescriptions to adults and children such that our most dangerous bacteria have become completely immune and we can't fight them, thus bringing the short and stormy career of Humanity to an inglorious close, and so on. The failure of all present and past efforts at social reform or other social change is clear.

    Moreover, the lion's share of these other efforts at change were and are piecemeal, seeking redress of a single social or economic problem or combination of them, grouped by any number of criteria, whereas the efforts of Mr. De Benedetto, based in large part on Love, the most powerful social force available to Humankind and a radically different and peerless socio-economic framework, carry, and deliver, the far larger, more expansive, breathtaking, and indeed final objective and task of righting the toppled, and shaping the misshapen, body of Humanity, achieving the heretofore inachievable:  permanently resolving essentially every single problem of Humanity, and creating the framework and thus setting the stage for a new, near-utopian human future.

    With their clearly inferior, and indeed obsolete, conceptual tools, let's see a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Green ("free enterprise"), or Leninist, Trotskyist, Maoist, or Fidelista ("dictatorship of the proletariat"), do that.

    Personal Assistant Sought

    Mr. De Benedetto also seek a personal assistant, a key role for someone who will reap the benefits not only of substantial financial remuneration, but moral elevation in assisting the author in effecting a historic political, economic, and indeed moral revolution.

    The individual can be located anywhere on Earth, but must obviously be committed, or at minimum very sympathetic to the world-view and attendant work of Vincent Frank De Benedetto, and must be as aware, intelligent, literate, and dynamic as possible, with a reasonable grasp of research processes and technological tools.

    All persons with interest in assisting in any aspect of this work in a support role are asked to contact Mr. De Benedetto.

    Agent & Publisher Sought

    Mr. De Benedetto welcomes interest from a literary agent or book publishing company. The ideal example of the latter would be one that is part of a parent entity such as a multinational corporation or conglomerate that also owns a record company. This way, the full range of Vincent Frank De Benedetto's thematically-related projects, from prose to music, can be cohesively and symbiotically accommodated, to the financial and other advantage of all.


    Contact Vincent Frank De Benedetto at onehumanfamily @ In addressing your email, omit both spaces surrounding the '@' symbol.

    Kind Words

    Several persons familiar with Mr. De Benedetto's work have voluntarily remarked. Charles E. Hansen, author of the important "The Technology of Love" and "The Mathematics of Love" ( presently communicates through his sister, Elaine Hansen McLellan. Ms. McLellan indicates that her brother communicated the following:

    "He hopes that you will continue to go forward with your research and projects. He said to tell you that you have an agile mind, a seeking spirit and a good heart and that he respects your work."

    Mr. Hansen also stated, more directly:

    "Your thank you message is very much appreciated. But even more so is your remarkable insight into love and its current condition."

    And Mr. Hansen's sister, Elaine, mentioned above, author of "Gimpy's Secret ...It's What's Missing," which is based on Mr. Hansen's work, herself stated:

    "I think your work on love is as valid and hopeful as is Charles."

    Ted Rueter, university Lecturer in Political Science at UCLA and Georgetown, author, and Founder of Noise Free America, a national organization, states:

    “I looked at your web site and it is full of great content,” and refers to Mr. De Benedetto's “...uplifting and interesting content.”

    Joseph G. Sant'Angelo, noted nuclear and chemical engineering pioneer and inventor, holding multiple patents, having worked on hyper-sensitive national security projects associated with World War II, as well, later, as the modern American space program, and published in Scientific American and elsewhere, recently stated of Vincent Frank De Benedetto, after reading his formal 6-page proposal to prevent the start of the Iraq war in 2003:

    "You have a good analytical mind."

    ( Customer Service Representative "Prudhvi," in India, wrote Mr. De Benedetto on December 02, 2016 regarding this website:

    "On a personal note. I've checked you [sic] website and I'm very much impressed with the powerful message you've included...needless to say, I've bookmarked the page for further reading.... I feel I've been contacted by a great individual today."

    Personal Message #1, from Vincent Frank De Benedetto

    Begin a Basic Practice of Love

    I want you to know that I love you.

    And I want you, from now on, to love others. And yourself.

    Do it in about the same measure. Don't love yourself more than you love others. Try for about 50/50.

    If you do this, in this way, guess what?

    You're engaged, in basic terms, in the proper practice of Love!

    . . . . . . .

    You're helping to change your life, and change the world!

    Personal Message #2, from Vincent Frank De Benedetto

    I'll Teach You a Concrete Agape Technique Right Now

    I practice this technique all the time. It will 1.) help create, then reinforce, your proper feeling of connectedness to all people, all Brothers and Sisters, 2.) show reverence for Brothers and Sisters who have died, and with whom we have thus physically separated, and 3.) express your sadness to them, and the world, at their death.

    From now on, I want you to pay attention to, and personally experience, the death of a Brother or Sister, no matter where, and when, in the world it occurs. These will doubtless be persons that you have never officially "met."

    (I demarcate "met" because as Brothers and Sisters in one human family we already know each other.)

    News of each death will come through a broadcast on radio or TV, be reported or otherwise announced in print, whether a conventional offline periodical or an online organ of some kind, be heard or overheard in public, or be conveyed, personally. It will typically describe a death that has just occurred, but will sometimes declare or mention a past death.

    Immediately upon hearing the news, no matter where you are, I want you to perform a physical rite, a gesture with your body, in memoriam. It needn't be a physical gesture used to denote death, but can be one that is used generally to denote reverence for God, Love for Man, or any other positive and loving impulse:  as a Christian, for example, you might sign, in other words, make the sign of the Cross. As a Jew or Muslim there may be a physical gesture common to, or otherwise used in your religion. Similarly with Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Agapism, etc.

    In this new endeavor you'll begin to notice that we lose Brothers and Sister constantly. There is a continual stream of news stating and sometimes describing these deaths, from a wide variety of causes. According to the World Health Organization, about 153,000 persons die each day worldwide, on average. A Brother or Sister will die in New York City. A Brother or Sister will die in Omaha, Nebraska. Then in Perth, Australia. Then, Gaborone, Africa, Abinsk, Russia, Tainan, Taiwan, and Andorra, Spain. Then a Brother or Sister will die in Paris, France, then Edmonton, Canada, Bergen, Norway, and La Paz, Bolivia. And so forth.

    As you begin to pay attention to these deaths, and note and experience each with a moment of compassion and pain, first a few, then more, then a large group, than an even larger group ever expanding in number and geographical dispersal, you'll begin to feel a sense of connectedness to all people. To men and women from every far-flung location on the planet--except these locations won't seem quite as far away, anymore.

    You'll begin to realize that there is but one human family on this planet, and we're all Brothers and Sisters in it.

    Once you know each, and then every, loss intellectually, and feel each, and then every, loss, emotionally, you'll have effected your first powerful step in the practice of Love.

    There is necessary variation to this technique, explained in LOVE ETHIC.

    Apple a Day

    It's adaged that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

    I would add that so would a shiny red, green, or yellow “BAPL”! (rhymes with apple)

    As in, “A BAPL a day keeps the doctor away.” ...and the psychiatrist, lawyer, and the 1001 injuries that our present day society continually visits upon us.

    But what is meant by "BAPL"?

    B.A.P.L. is an acronym using the transposed first letters of the tagline of my book, describing Agape:

    The Ancient Practice of Brotherly Love ---> APBL, transposed to ---> BAPL

    In your daily life, then, across every situation and circumstance, continually try to perfect your mastery of the ancient practice of Brotherly Love. In other words, every day, be sure to shine your BAPL!

    “A BAPL a day keeps the doctor away!”

    All Points Bulletin

    The men and women of Law Enforcement might find productive and pleasurable whimsy in another play on the letters representing my tagline, the Ancient Practice of Brotherly Love, or A.P.B.L.

    Once they realize the importance of finding and indeed creating Love, they might wish to put out an All Points Bulletin - for Love!

    In other words, an APB-L !


    Morihei Ueshiba, "O'Sensei," Founder of Aikido, an explicitly Love-oriented martial art (b. 1883, d. 1969)

    De Benedetto Arts

    The book LOVE ETHIC is part of De Benedetto Arts, a new Internet project showcasing the musical composition, broadcast, poetry, prose, philosophy, painting, sketchwork, miniatures, carpentry, and other creative output of the De Benedetto Family:  Frank, Joe, & Vincent. Its work celebrates the beauty and power of art, thought, and action, especially to effect dramatic social change in service of Love.

    Copyrighted Content

    All content on this page, as well as the entire contents of the book LOVE ETHIC is completely and strictly copyrighted and protected, including all new and novel ideas and terminology. If you read it here and nowhere else, it's likely an original copyrighted and protected creation of Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Mr. De Benedetto routinely pioneers new concepts and invents new words and new word meanings, as evidenced by his growing word list at another of his Internet resources, the De Benedetto Dictionary.

    Use of content from this page is authorized provided it is limited, unmodified, and with attribution, like this:

    "Content copyright (c) 2016 Vincent Frank De Benedetto, Used with permission."

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